New Coaches WhatsApp Group

Join our new Coaches WhatsApp Group

Receive the latest news and opportunities direct to your device!

We are introducing a brand-new WhatsApp newsletter service to provide coaches with tailored news and coaching opportunities from across the Sheffield and Hallamshire region.

It’s the new place where Sheffield and Hallamshire County FA will be sharing weekly updates, keeping coaches up to date with CPD opportunities, vacancies and much more.

No one will be able to see who's receiving our broadcasts and no one else can send messages except for the Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA team - and you can leave any time you like.

The free service aims to connect clubs and coaches in our region.

How to sign up

To sign up to receive customised updates via WhatsApp you just need to make sure you save the following number as a contact in your phone: 07792 026 786 (it is important to save the number as a contact otherwise your device will not receive messages).

Once you've saved the above number as a contact, just drop us a message on WhatsApp with the word 'Subscribe'. It's that easy!

How to leave group

To leave our coaches WhatsApp group you just need to click on the name at the top of your screen and select 'Exit group'.


Will my phone number be shared?

No. We'll be using broadcast lists to send information. Broadcast lists allow one message to be communicated to lots of people individually at the same time whilst keeping conversation/numbers private.

Can I request general football/governance support via WhatsApp?

Unfortunately we can't support members with general football/governance enquiries via WhatsApp. If you require support from a staff member, please raise a ticket by clicking here.

Who do I contact for more information on this service?

For more information on our Coaches WhatsApp service, please contact Giuseppe La Rezza at

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