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General Manager - Simon Frost 


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When did you join SHCFA? January 2017

What is your job role? Work with the Development Team to ensure that grassroots football is a positive experience for everyone involved, whether this is playing football or volunteering in the game.  Work with many different organisations to ensure different formats of football are available for whatever level people want to play.

Where are you from? Mirfield

Favourite football team? Arsenal



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Phone: 0114 261 5517

When did you join SHCFA? 6th June 2002

What is your job role? Investigations, discipline charges, attending personal and non-personal hearings. Liaising with clubs at all levels but mainly grassroots with Football Administration. Working in Partnership with the FA introducing new practices throughout the region as well as helping administer governance of the FA’s rules and regulations.

Where are you from? Deepcar

Favourite football team? Sheffield Wednesday

Interesting fact? When i was 12 i played for Aylestone Park JFC in Leicester where i scored more goals in a season than Gary Lineker who also played at the same club. Unfortunately i went on to become one of the best Football Administrators in football as opposed to strikers. 




Phone: 0114 261 5503

When did you join SHCFA? Aug 2015

What is your job role? My role involves communicating information from SHCFA, The FA and any other partners across the county through social media platforms, website updates, emails and newsletters. It also involves highlighting upcoming events and festivals run through the County FA. 

Where are you from? Bristol

Favourite football team? Bristol Rovers

Interesting fact? I lived in the US for 5 years and I have bungee jumped and skydived in Australia

football development team



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Phone: 0114 261 5509

When did you join SHCFA? March 2003

What is your job role? I support referee development across the county including refereeing courses, promotions, RDP events, mentoring and coaching. I also work alongside the discipline team to support football related incidents.

Where are you from? Sheffield

Favourite football team? Sheffield Wednesday

Interesting fact? I have played and refereed at Wembley Stadium 



Phone: 0114 261 5507

When did you join SHCFA? I joined the CFA in May 2016

What is your job role? My role is a funded role through the FA’s disability workforce fund (DWF). DWF has formed a network of 29 disability specific football development officers nationally. The fund allows me to work with key local partners such as: The NHS foundation trusts, local authorities, County Sport Partnership and local clubs to provide opportunities for individuals with a long term limiting impairment.

Where are you from? Sheffield

Favourite football team? Sheffield Wednesday

Interesting fact? At the age of 11 my family used to call me "Statto" due to the fact  i could list the capacity of every Premier League stadium!



Phone: 0114 261 5519

When did you join SHCFA? June 2018

What is your job role? Football Development Officer supporting various projects across South Yorkshire. 

Where are you from? 

Favourite football team? 

Interesting fact? 



Phone: 0114 261 5506

When did you join SHCFA?

What is your job role?

Where are you from?

Favourite football team?

Intersting fact? 

Safeguarding and welfare team



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Phone: 0114 261 5512

When did you join SHCFA? September 2017

What is your job role? Deputy Designated Safeguarding Officer. I am assistant to the DSO and my job is to ensure the safety and welfare of children within football and to raise awareness of abuse and how to report it. I also encourage, promote and educate about good practice within club and promote Respect within football

Where are you from? I am from Langold who have the football team Langold Juniors FC who have been running for 50 years

Favourite football team? Sheffield Wednesday

Interesting fact? ?  I am a trained beautician. My favourite place to visit is London, love the history and theaters.  

Football administration team



Phone: 0114 261 5508

When did you join SHCFA? July 2017

What is your job role? Ensure enough courses are available to meet learner demand in our County. Support coaches through the learning pathway. Liaise with partner facilities to ensure coach education run well and are suitable for learners. Support the SHCFA tutor team. 

Where are you from? Birkenshaw/Bradford

Favourite football team? Liverpool

Interesting fact? I have played in the oldest Schoolboy friendly in the world (Glasgow v Bradford)



Phone: 0114 261 5516



Phone: 0114 261 5511

When did you join SHCFA? December 2017

What is your job role? My current role is football development administrator.  I support the development team and the coach education in an organisational capacity, finances, tracking the teams performance and any course data. I also work as part of the disciplinary team here and work closely with the discipline lead to resolve cases.

Where are you from? Sheffield

Favourite football team? Sheffield Wednesday

Interesting fact? When I was considerably younger I played in a tennis tournament led by Cliff Richard who also took part



Phone: 0114 261 5510

When did you join SHCFA? October 1985

What is your job role? I support the cups to ensure all draws run appropriately and organise fixtures. I also organise fixtures for our County Rep Team and also support with discipline administration. I help clubs with affiliations and player registrations. 

Where are you from? Sheffield

Favourite football team? The Blades

Interesting fact? Played outdoor pool with ex-eastenders star Daniella Westbrook and won!

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