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Return to Play

Sarah Wood
Coach CPD Opportunity

Sheffield & Hallamshire CFA is pleased to announce an upcoming coaching CPD opportunity for coaches ahead of the return to play!

The upcoming CPD event will be based around ‘Games & Play’ for players in the foundation phase.  

We couldn’t think of a better workshop to deliver ahead of returning to football! Playing games and having fun with friends is going to paramount to ensuring that players have a positive first experience when they get back on the pitch! We would encourage coaches of all levels who are working in the Foundation Phase (5-11) to sign up for this event. For those of you working the Youth Development Phase (12-16) there will be loads of transferrable skills should you wish to attend but we will be looking at arranging a YDP CPD in the near future.

What is the workshop about?

In this workshop we explore play and its importance to child development as we focus on the role coaches have in creating fun, engaging environments. When are we having a game? Those six words can be tough to hear, but we can’t ignore them. By taking a more playful approach to training and using games and free play children have more fun and more freedom. During this session we will look at different examples of games and challenges that children will enjoy. We will discuss how you can build learning and development into games, and how this balance can help young players fall in love with football. During this workshop we will explore these ideas in the classroom and through practical activities and games with children on the pitch.

What are the learning outcomes?

• Understand the coaches role in creating a fun and engaging environment that ultimately leads to lifelong enjoyment of the game.
• An understanding of how important play is, and what play can look like for children playing football in the Foundation Phase.
• A recognition of how games can be used as a learning tool to foster play, enjoyment and development for children.
*All Attendees will receive 2 FA CPD hours for attending.

'Games & Play'

Hosts: Rebecca Garlick - National Coach Development Lead (Women & Girls) and Amanda Greenslade - Regional PE & Coaching in Education Coordinator
When: Thursday 25th March, 6.30PM-8PM (1 hour workshop/ 30 Minute Q&A)

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