Stepping Over the Sidelines

Sarah Wood
Your first step into volunteering

Have you ever thought about volunteering in some way, shape or form in football? Then put June 24th in your diary, this session is for you! If you haven’t considered volunteering in football because you don’t feel like you ‘know enough’ then guess what? This session is for you! We heard a great example the other day that ‘You don’t have to have a child to be a school governor, you don’t need to play the game to be a part of football’. 

Ever thought to yourself…“I don’t know about football because I’ve never played”, or “I don’t watch football so I don’t know any rules”? Well in this workshop we will explore all of the skills, attributes and knowledge that YOU DO have that can be transferable to football, along with the reasons why children play football. 

The Stepping over the Sidelines workshop is designed to offer mums, female guardians, helpers, assistants and young leaders (14+) the opportunity to have a first look at how you might be able to get involved in football.  

The workshop also gives a flavour of the next steps for anyone who might like to consider getting involved. That could include:

- The BT Playmaker, by England Football course 
- Introduction to Coaching football course
- Being more involved at your local club, recreation session or wildcats venue, perhaps as a coach, assistant, helper, or volunteer.

On Thursday June 24th at 7-8.30pm we’ll be holding our first session of the Stepping over the Sidelines programme. It will be virtual so you can be eating dinner, sat on your favourite chair or having a cuppa. 

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