UEFA B Learners Attend England U21 Game

Calum Oakenfold
SHCFA UEFA B Learners Complete Analysis Evening at U21 Game

SHCFA UEFA B learners had the opportunity to attend the England v Ukraine U21 game at Bramall Lane last night as part of their FA Level 3/UEFA B Coaching Course. 

Learners were tasked with a range of tasks from looking at formations, systems of play, individual player profiles and specific areas of the game. The analysis and observations completed on the evening link with the theoretical work they have been completing throughout their course. 

UEFA B current learner Mark Wozniak said "It was great to have a chance to watch a live game and look at it through the eyes of a coach. Completing the work on individual player allows you to get a better understanding of what they are doing well and what points you could raise with them to help them develop."

Geoffrey Wainwright (UEFA B Learner) stated "It was good to focus on one player for the match to see what their role was, especially off the ball. I would like to do this again and look at other players that support the player i am looking at individually. It was also interesting to see they style teams played and patterns they used to play out of defense or into attacking areas." 

The learners will take their observations with them to the next block in April to discuss and review their findings. 

Course tutor Calum Oakenfold explained "I think it was a really good opportunity for our learners to have a look at a live game and try to break it down in to specific areas of the pitch and in different moments of the game. Working on individual player profiles will hopefully give them a different view of the game when observing and allow them to help develop their players back at their clubs. The tasks based around in possession, out of possession or transition hopefully allowed them to look at the game with more focus and look units involved with each passage of play. It will be interesting to see the findings from the coaches during the review on our next block." 

Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA run a new FA Level 3/UEFA B Licence course each season. Applications for the 2018/19 course will be opening in April 2018. 

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