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Recruiting Volunteers

Volunteers are the heart and soul of our grassroots network

The day to day running of clubs is largely down to the hard work of volunteers, recruitment can be required for a number of reasons;

- Growth 
- Replacing previous volunteers
- To increase experience and knowledge of volunteers 

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This page is not only dedicated to recruiting the volunteers required to keep your club or league running day to day, but also to support you to ensure it is made up of a diverse mix of people and skills which we hope will benefit all of your members.

A great place to start is to complete a skills audit of your current volunteer workforce using the skills matrix below this can help to highlight which areas you may be required to recruit. 

For example, you may recognise that your club or league does not have any financial experience within its committee, and look to target a new volunteer that may have no football experience but does have financial experience- creating a role specific for them for the benefit of the club or league. 

Skills Matrix

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