Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA

Our Sub Groups & Working Groups

Board Sub Groups & Working Groups

Sheffield & Hallamshire County Football Association has a number of advisory groups working across different areas of the game. These groups consist of both County FA Council members and co-opted members who feel that they can help shape our thinking around the following areas:

The County Cup Working Group consists of Council members and co-opted members. The role of the working group is to consider amendments to Sheffield & Hallamshire cup competition rules and to make recommendations on changes to the Board. The working group also considers matters of poor practice, rule breaches and protests relating to Sheffield & Hallamshire cup competitions.


  • Lee Hicklin
  • Russell Lagden
  • Graham Furniss
  • Phil Woodward
  • Mark Pilley

The Referee Development Working Group consists of Council members and co-opted members. The Referee Development Woking Group considers the recruitment, retention and progression of referees locally and advises the County FA around development and delivery plans.


  • Russell Langden
  • Steve Clayton
  • Mick Bell
  • Rudi Bryars
  • Cazz Wainwright
  • Daniel Pyre
  • Gina Berry

The Football Regulations and Governance Working Group consists of Council members and co-opted members. The role of the working group is to have oversight of County FA affiliated league competition rules and general management, to co-ordinate matters between leagues, to hear appeals against league decisions and to investigate complaints made against leagues by member clubs. 


  • Gail Richards
  • Keith Firminger
  • Martin Wilson

The Inclusion Advisory Group (IAG) is chaired by the County Football Association’s Director for Equality, Diversity and Inclusion – Rachel Habergham.  The IAG includes stakeholders from across all sections of the game and has a remit to:

  • Maintain a strategy advisory role in relation to County FA inclusion work.
  • Support the County FA in the design, planning and consultation around County FA operational plans and development plans.
  • Monitor and evaluate County FA programmes from an inclusion perspective.
  • Receive and comment upon inclusion assessments relating to County FA work.
  • Provide advice and support, in particular about: community engagement; Proactive interventions to address gaps in equality and inclusion; Embedding inclusion into the county planning process; Enhancing development programmes for inclusion
  • Provide advice and support where relevant on disciplinary procedures to support good practice on handling allegations of discrimination.
  • Support the County FA in the development of specific campaign work with targeted communities

The Benevolent Fund offers financial support to those in football who have suffered injury or loss as a direct result of participation in or travel to County FA affiliated football. The Panel meet regularly to review applications and determine if a grant can be made under the objectives of the fund. Further information about the fund can be found here

The staff team help to drive the organisation's corporate strategy and operational plan, focusing on the development of all areas of the game including safeguarding, coach and referee development, facility improvement, discipline and regulations. The County FA also delivers 12 County Cup competitions. A full list of staff contacts can be found here

The County FA Youth Council has a consultative responsibility, ultimately reporting to the County FA Board. Youth Council lead on the following aspects of youth development and participation.

  • Encouraging and supporting young people across the region and providing them with a voice.
  • Supporting the development of a fully inclusive and representative game.
  • Providing feedback on any football policies that may impact upon young people.
  • Advise on the development of resources, programmes and campaigns for young people. 
  • Linking and promoting communication between youth participants and the County FA.
  • To support the set-up of club Youth Councils/Forums if deemed appropriate.
  • To communicate regular and appropriate messages to young people through social media accounts to help raise the profile of the County FA’s work with young people.