Benevolent Fund

Benevolent Fund

What is the Benevolent fund?

The fund offers financial support to those in football who have suffered injury or loss as a direct result of participation in or travel to County FA affiliated football. The maximum payment we award per application is £250.

It’s important to note that the County FA Benevolent Fund is not a compensation fund. It exists to mitigate short term financial hardship due to injury or loss.  It cannot provide long-term support, retrospective funding or funding for projects or legal fees.

Who is eligible to apply?   

Applications can only be received from registered participants with a FA number.  The club or County FA member organisation of the claimant must have opted in to the scheme and paid the Benevolent Fund Membership Fee during the affiliation process for the season in which the injury occurred.

How is funding determined?  

Awards are discretionary, specific and based on an assessment of an individual’s needs by a County FA panel. The decision of the panel is final and not subject to appeal. 

The County FA panel of the fund meet on the last Tuesday of every month to review applications and determine if a grant can and should be made under the objectives of the fund.

Each application will be judged by the panel against the thresholds below.

  • Period of incapacity (in weeks)
  • Normal weekly net income prior to incapacity
  • Weekly income during period of incapacity

How to make an Application

To register your interest in applying to the Benevolent Fund, please click the following link.

Application Form

What happens next? 

If approved, we will contact you to obtain your account details to enable the grant award to be issued by bank transfer. If not approved, we will contact you via email to either obtain further details or provide the rationale for declining the application.