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Walking Football Calendar 2022/23

Keep up to date with tournaments, exhibitions and festivals

With walking football really starting to pick up pace, new opportunities to get involved in this version of the game are springing up across our region.

For the upcoming 2022/23 season, we will be developing a calendar of walking football activities for men and women of all ages, abilities and fitness levels.
From leagues and tournaments to informal turn up and play sessions, there will be lots of opportunities throughout the season to play walking football regularly, meet new people and be part of a football community.

What is the SHCFA Walking Football Calendar?
It’s a platform for teams and individuals to express their interest to be involved in our Walking Football opportunities for the upcoming season. 
With tournaments, leagues and competitions taking place across our region, it’s a chance for participants to play walking football regularly and be part of a local football community.  

Where do Walking Football sessions take place?
There are sessions already taking place across our county (visit Find Football to find your local session) at sites such as:

  • Worksop Town FC
  • Doncaster Goals
  • Sheffield Goals
  • Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park
  • Shaw Lane Sports Club
  • SGP Westfield
  • Rotherham Leisure Complex 

When will the sessions take place?

  • Worksop Town - 11:30am Friday 2nd September 2022 (50+ Mixed)
  • Doncaster Goals - 11am Tuesday 13th September 2022 (50+ Mixed)
  • Worksop Town - 11:30am Friday 14th October 2022 (50+ Mixed)
  • Rotherham Leisure Complex - 6pm Tuesday 1st November 2022 (Open age/ Includes Female only offer)
  • Worksop Town - 11:30am Friday 25th November 2022 (50+ Mixed)
  • Worksop Town - 11:30am Friday 16th December 2022 (50+ Mixed)
  • Sheffield Goals - 11am Saturday 21st January 2023 (Open age Mixed)
  • Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park - 3pm Thursday 2nd March 2023 (60+ Mixed)
  • Shaw Lane Sports Club Barnsley - 11am Saturday 10th June 2023 (Open age/ Includes Female only offer)
  • St George's Park Westfield - 11am Tuesday 4th July 2023 (60+ Mixed)

Walking Football

How do I get involved?
Complete the sign up form and outline the walking football formats you’d like to enter as a team.


You will also need to affiliate your team (if you have not done so already), at a cost of £65 per team, which covers the full 2022/23 season.
It also provides your team with access to County FA support and entry into all FA competitions. All players and members associated to your team will also be covered by Public Liability insurance.

For more information on walking football, please contact Leon Dearns at Leon.Dearns@sheffieldfa.com or visit www.sheffieldfa.com/players/adults-football/walking-football

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