Walking football is a popular, and growing, format of the game

Walking Football


Play the game you love for longer.

If you’ve got the game in you, walking football sets you free. Walking football is the perfect fit for everyone who wants to play football for longer, make new friends, get out of the house and stay active.

With no running, jogging or heading – and tackling with reduced physical contact – walking football is a fun and safe way for players to enjoy football and socialise together. 

There are a variety of ways to play from Club football, Leagues and tournaments to informal opportunities through to Just Play. Where there’s a will, there’s always another way to play.

So if you want to play football regularly, exercise, meet new people and be part of a football community, then use the Find Football tool to find your nearest walking football session.

For more information on walking football, please contact Leon Dearns on 07704 170925.

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Reasons to play

Why walking football?

Walking football offers many benefits, including:

  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure  
  • Better mobility and weight loss     
  • A chance to meet new people
  • Increased self confidence  
Women's Football

Competitive Opportunities

Club Walking Football can also offer competitive opportunities for those who want to win as well as take part. There are options to play in leagues or tournaments, so you can experience the joy of lashing home the winner!

Walking Football

Walking Football Competitions

Enter your team into one of our walking football competitions.
Walking Football

Walking Football League

Take part in a flexible walking football league.

Informal Opportunities

Meet your new group of friends, pick your teams, pop on your bibs and off you go. Across the country, men and women of all ages, abilities and fitness levels are finding it a great way to socialise and have fun, and to exercise safely.

Walking Football

AGE UK Walking Football Programme

Discover how you can walk into a healthier future with the AGE UK Walking Football programme.
Walking Football

Snickers Just Play

Book online. Turn up. Play and have fun. Football doesn't get any easier than this.
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No matter the age, disability or skill level, there’s a form of the game to suit the player.

Find the type of football that suits you, or someone you know, by using the Find Football digital search engine.

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