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NEW - Euro 2022 Club Legacy Project

We are pleased to announce our new Euro 2022 Club Legacy Project, a new development project linked to the upcoming UEFA Women’s EURO 2022 tournament

The women and girls’ game has grown exponentially over the last 5 years with the FA vision of doubling female participation being achieved during the last FA National Game Strategy. We see the upcoming tournament as a real opportunity to make a lasting impact on football locally, especially as some of the games will be hosted in Sheffield and Rotherham.  

“The appetite for the game is there and we believe the tournament will further increase the interest in playing and importantly volunteering.  We want to ensure that you our clubs are able to maximise the legacy of tournament by providing the best environment possible for your female players” Tom Measham, Club Support Officer, SHCFA. 

The Euro 2022 Club Legacy Project is for any SHCFA affiliated club that offers women's and girls’ football. This is your opportunity to show and shout about having a club culture that promotes gender diversity or that you are committed to doing things differently moving forward with the aim of being more inclusive as a club. 

This project will enact change and leave a legacy for what is a rapidly growing side of the game.  SHCFA have specific resource to support the growth of women’s and girls’ football and you will have direct access to this as well as the many other benefits that come from having an inclusive club and environment.

euro 2022 club legacy criteria


Using recent research and consultation we have identified key areas to improve to improve the overall experience of female players. These areas include diversity of coaches, diversity of committees and equal access for female teams. We appreciate that a lot of Clubs will be doing great work in these areas already, and for those that are this project is about protecting and ringfencing that good work to ensure it continues long into the future.

Click here for an intro in to creating diverse committee and the importance of diverse committees.

What are the benefits of being a Euro's Ready Club?

We hope it will put you and your club in the best position to maximise the effect of the upcoming Euro’s and long into the future as well as;
- A more representative volunteer workforce at the club
- A more equal offer for female players (Mixed Clubs) 
- Helping to inspire and retain your current crop of players
- Attract new players to the club (with the possibility of additional teams)
- Attract new volunteers to the club

This pledge will demonstrate to your local community that your club is FOR ALL, a club that provides local women and girls a safe space to play football, develops female leadership from a young age and promotes equal representation within your organisation.

What support is available?

SHCFA Development Officers will offer bespoke support for your club.  We will support any clubs who are 'working towards' specific criteria. We will advertise your club through all of our media platforms before, during and after the tournament highlighting that you are a club that provides local women and girls a safe space to play football, develops female leadership from a young age and promotes equal representation within your organisation.  We will also direct funding and further resources towards your club to help you meet your goals. 

We will include your club on our ‘Euro’s Ready’ club page which will be the first stop for perspective players and parents to find their local football offer.  We'll also provide your club a social media website asset pack to support you to maximise the impact of the tournament.

We will provide access to a player survey which will provide your club with bespoke feedback to help meet the needs of your current players and improve your current offer.  We'll give you access to an exclusive online coach CPD designed specifically for coaches working with Women & Girls (5-11, 12-16 and adult CPD). 

To begin the process or for further information please complete the following online form.  

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