Get the word out

Use a variety of methods to get the word out internally and externally to attract a new volunteer.

Use social media, club mail lists, club/team group chats as well as approaching people face to face.

Don’t be afraid to approach people you know have the skills required. 

Top Tip! People are far more likely to help when asked directly rather than asked to volunteer 


Outline what you do

Don’t take it for granted that everyone knows what your club is all about.

Outline your clubs values and aims, potential volunteers may see the clubs values aligned with their own and make them more likely to volunteer.

Contact information:  This may seem simple but when advertising, have easy to find contact details, never allow someone’s enthusiasm to dwindle because they were unable to find how to apply!

Top Tip! Are your clubs’ values and aims stated on your club website and advertised around your club site? If not put it where people can see it!


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Shout about the difference volunteers can make

Volunteering is an extremely rewarding experience, by shining a light on the positive effects that volunteering can have on the club’s members particularly young people potential volunteers may be inspired to join.

Top Tip! Get your current volunteers to share their experiences!



Simple Application Processes

Make it easy for people to signal their interest! An application form is included within our Safe recruitment form, long application forms can put people off, find ways to streamline this process, consider making the application form electronic using google forms. 

Top Tip! Create a signal your interest link where people can input their name and contact details if they are interested, a member of the clubs committee can then contact the perspective volunteer to have a chat about the role- it can be a great way to break the ice and talk about next steps. 


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