Reporting Misconduct

It is vital that match officials report misconduct  as soon as possible via The FA's Whole Game System. Not doing so causes significant delays to the disciplinary process and creates additional work for those involved by having to advise where reports should be sent to.

Therefore, it is essential that when officiating a match you are aware of where to send both participating teams' disciplinary reports. If you are in any doubt then please refer to the details below or contact Aaron Bannister, Referee Development Officer or Robert Wharton, Senior Football Administrator. 

Report misconduct

The reporting misconduct e-book

This online interactive reference guide aids match officials with writing and submitting their misconduct reports.

The reports are the key component in maintaining an effective disciplinary process. Clear, accurate reports are required to take action against the offenders, helping to shape player behaviour throughout the game, making them an essential tool to help support referees. Developing a consistent approach to reporting misconduct also helps to ensure fairness and uphold the integrity of the game.

This guide includes videos and resources to help you write clear and concise reports, as well as a demonstration on how to submit them online through the Whole Game System. There is also best practice guidance on yellow and red card procedures, reporting extraordinary incidents and how to report incidents of discrimination. The guide also explains what to expect and how to prepare if you are required to attend a disciplinary commission.

Make sure your misconduct reports are the best they can be.