FA Referee Course


The FA Referee Course is designed to equip new referees with the key skills and knowledge they will need to be able to referee grassroots football matches safely and effectively.  It is for people aged 14 and over who want to referee mini soccer, 9 v 9 and/or 11 v 11 football.  

The course comprises online learning on the Laws of the Game and face to face training. You must complete the online learning before attending the face to face training. You will also need to complete online safeguarding training before attending the face to face training.

Course Overview

Minimum Age: 14

Price: £110

Leading To: Registered Referee Status (either level 8 Youth Referee or Level 7 Junior County Referee)


Online Learning

The online learning has five sections (modules) and will take approximately 90 minutes to complete. There are lots of videos to demonstrate how the Laws should be applied, activities to help reinforce the important points and, at the end of each module, there are some questions to test what you’ve learned.  

If you are under the age of 16, you might find the information at the refereeing help centre useful when logging in.

This module covers the referee’s pre-match responsibilities and includes ensuring players’ kit is safe, how to carry out the coin toss and what a referee needs to take to a match with them.
This module contains short video clips (GIFs) which show every signal the referee and assistant referee might give during a match.
This module deals with foul challenges, violent conduct, handball, unsporting behaviour, DOGSO offences and advantage. It uses video clips from football at different levels to show how the referee should manage common scenarios.
This module also uses video clips, this time to demonstrate what is and isn’t offside and how the referee should manage offside offences. The clips, like those used in the ‘Getting it Right’ module, are voiced over to explain the decisions the referees make.
This module covers restarts and set-pieces, including goal kicks, corner kicks, throw-ins, free kicks and penalty kicks. It uses both video and illustrations to clarify what players must do at each restart and set-piece and explains what the referee should do if players don’t comply with the Law.

Get In Touch

Danny Guest
Education Course Administrator (Part-Time)
07719 028924 

Before booking on to a course
You must have completed the ‘Online Guide to the Laws of the Game’. This is a compulsory requirement of the FA Referee Course and is free of charge. In order to access the course you will need to log in with an existing FA account or create a new account. Please ensure that the information on the account is accurate to the learner.
You must have completed the relevant Online Safeguarding training. Please see the details of which course to access below. 

Learners who are 14/15 years old - Complete free 1 hour Safeguarding For All (valid for two years)

All other learners who are 16+ - Complete the Online Safeguarding Children Course (£30) (valid for two years with continual free recertification) 

If you plan on officiating in youth football (and are aged 16+) you will require an in date FA DBS.
All learners (and parents/guardians of under 18 learners) must also read the 'Course Guide' which you will find below.

All learners who are under the age of 18 must complete and submit a parental consent form at the time of booking.

All learners must book on to the course using their own FAN number and details. 


REF2310 Rossington Main FC, Doncaster

Session 1:  Wednesday 5th July, 18:00-21:00
Session 2:  Sunday 9th July, 9:00-17:00

REF2307 Barnsley College, Barnsley

Session 1:  Wednesday 19th July, 18:00-21:00
Session 2:  Saturday 22nd July, 13:00-17:00
Session 3:  Saturday 29th July, 13:00-17:00


REF2308 Wickersley School & Sports College, Rotherham

Session 1:  Thursday 3rd August, 18:00-21:00
Session 2:  Sunday 6th August, 9:15-17:00

In order to link an under 16's FAN to your FAN you will need to login into your account.  Please follow this link for step by step instructions or download our guide
Your parent / guardian will need to link your existing FAN  through their FAN account, and add an email address to your FAN.  Please follow this link for further information or download our guide
Your parent / guardian will need to link your existing FAN  through their FAN account, and add an email address to your FAN.  Please follow this link for further information or download our guide.
To apply for an FA DBS please download this form for instructions.  Once you have completed this you will need to make an appointment with SHCFA to have your ID documents verified.  Please email to make an appointment. 

Please only book on to a course where you can attend all of the dates.

Please email with your name, DOB and address and we will locate your FAN number. 

Your next steps will be explained to you on your course but please click here for further information and guidance