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South Yorkshire Ability Counts League

The South Yorkshire Ability Counts League (SYACL) is an independent pan-disability football league, managed by a committee dedicated to developing the adult competition. The SYACL offers:

  • 5 Divisions with over 25 teams
  • Sunday afternoon match days
  • Suitable for a range ages and ability levels
  • Fun, social and supportive environment

Sheffield & District Inclusive Junior League

The Sheffield & District Junior League are committed to providing inclusive playing opportunities for all youth players both in mainstream football and through a dedicated Inclusive League. The Sheffield & District Junior work closely with the County Football Association to operate an Inclusive League which provides:

  • Pan-Disability Football
  • Fun, Flexible and Friendly Environment
  • U12 & U16 Football (4 year age bandings)
  • Football at a central venue
  • Once a month fixtures

Sheffield Flourish League

The Sheffield and Hallamshire Flourish League is a partnership between Sheffield Flourish and the FA, made up of clubs who can evidence an inclusive approach to people from marginalised groups. Teams play 11v11 football in a completely flexible format, with team’s allocated 1 fixture a month throughout the season.

Here you can find out:

  • What’s on
  • Fixtures & results
  • Information about Flourish League Clubs
  • Links to the Sheffield Mental Health Guide

Sheffield flourish league

Power Chair Football

Power chair football is one of the UK’s fastest growing sports. Power chair football is played in an electric wheelchair with a team of 8 players; four players on the pitch at any one time. One player is the goalkeeper & with 3 outfield players, there’re unlimited substitutes. A goal is scored when the ball crosses the line between two goal posts.

We are currently seeking a Power Chair Football Club provider. If you are interested please contact Julie Callaghan at Julie.Callaghan@sheffieldfa.com


Frame Football 

Frame football has been developed by CP sport as an adapted format of football, supporting players who use a mobility frame to enjoy the beautiful game.

Our local club Aston Swallownest provide opportunities for players using a mobility frame. Frame football has a huge impact on social skills & confidence. Aston Swallownest provide players with a shared experience of football which is suitable to their individual needs.