Soccercise is an instructor-led aerobic exercise or circuit class, typically lasting 45 – 60 mins in length. It can be delivered indoors or outdoors and combines a variety of fitness exercises with a football. The class is delivered to music and is based on repetitions of specific exercises (i.e. toe taps, squats, sit-ups). Participants can create their own workout to do at home or take part in exercises as part of a class.

Anyone can try Soccercise! You don’t need to have played any football before to take part. Soccercise can help introduce you to the game, re-familiarise people that used to play, act as pre-season fitness or as part of a warm-up for a football training session.

The exercises cater for all abilities. It’s a great way of exercising with your friends, teammates or colleagues.

Why should you try Soccercise?

  • Improve your fitness
  • Have fun
  • Learn basic football skills
  • Get a taste of football without the pressure of a game
  • Meet new people 

Attend a Local Soccercise Class

Come and give soccercise a go and enjoy the beautiful game differently while also improving your fitness and skills!

Deliver a Local Soccercise Class

We’ll provide you with everything you need including training, equipment, and support to ensure your sessions are successful!
Soccercise Sheffield

Get fit with a football!

Join us at Zest Community Centre in Sheffield every Thursday at 9.30am.