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Delivering your own session maybe new territory for your group or organisation but we’re here to help to get you started and point you in the right direction. 

Recreational football can be whatever you want it to be.  It is football that is based around fun, fitness, and friends.

It is commitment free and aimed at women aged 16 and above. It can be walking football, exercise sessions that include a ball, coached sessions for beginners, a small sided kickabout – it literally is ‘play your way’. It isn’t weekly training and a competitive match on a weekend with a team that is part of a league.

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Women's Recreational Football Officer

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What do I need to deliver my own session?

Firstly, you need to understand whether there is a demand for your session – do you know women who may be interested in getting involved and what type of sessions they are looking for?

It is worthwhile to understand who you might reach out to within your local area.  For grassroots football clubs, this maybe mums, sisters, aunts, grans, partners etc of your existing players.  For community organisations this could be residents.  For businesses this will be your employees.  For some organisations it maybe your existing customers.  

It’s useful to think about why women would want to get involved in your session.  What are you offering that might appeal to your target group?

Women have recently told us that they get involved in recreational activities to feel good about themselves, develop their fitness, and socialise with others. 

You will need someone to take lead of your session.  We do ask that all session leaders have completed the free online FA Playmaker Course which will give you the basics around delivering a football session.  Your session leader doesn’t necessarily need to be an experienced or knowledgeable football coach, but they will need to be good at engaging your players, focusing on delivering fun, inclusive, and safe sessions, and great a fun and positive atmosphere.  

Many women who attend your sessions might have never played football before, so they will be looking for a session leader who can ease them into the session and is understanding of their different ability levels.  The most important factors of a good session leader are being approachable, fun, friendly and enthusiastic. 

You will also need to identify somewhere to deliver the session.  This could be at a park, a leisure or football facility, a school hall or community space.  You don’t need to have a full-sized football pitch with line markings and goals, you just need a suitable and safe space for your type of activity.  Women tend to look for venues that are local, safe, well lit, have toilets, and are clean.  



Fantastic that you’ve made it to this point, and you’re interested in finding out more.  Our main area of support will be via our Women’s Recreational Football Officer who will  give you the tools and confidence to kickstart your own session.  However, there are other areas in which we can support you.

• Kickstart funding 
• Equipment
• Training kit for your session leader
• Access to the FA booking and marketing platform
• General marketing and communication support from SHCFA via media channels
• Being part of a network of women’s recreational football sessions and organisations


Your first steps to getting involved will be to complete our Expression of Interest form.  This will give us a better understanding of your ideas.  

We will then make contact with you to discuss your project further and what level of support we can offer you.

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