Hepworth United

Who are your club committee members and what do they do?

The committee ensures the club works towards it aims and ambitions on and off the field. All committee members have a wealth of playing and volunteering experience in football and other areas and as a registered charity we continue to promote our volunteer staff to help ensure that young people and our members and families are given a chance to develop and progress no matter what their background or ability. The committee is made of Rob Wilks our Junior Chairman, Ken Mettrick our Men’s Chairman, John Field our Female Section Chairman, Abigail Tunnacliffe our Netball Section Chairwoman, Paul Watson our treasurer and Laura Caunce our Child Welfare Officer. And we are actively looking to add further committee members as and when possible.

Where are you based?

The clubs main base is at Hepworth United Football club, Far Lane, Hepworth, HD9 1RN, this is where our clubhouse and two main pitches are. We also use numerous other venues to play and train throughout the Holme Valley.

What is your club philosophy/Culture?

The club is ‘for all’ with a focus on developing young people as people as well as players. We aim to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all to take part and, to develop their footballing skills to progress to a level that best suits the individual players.

The club focuses upon creating a fun, safe environment with a focus on player development over results. 

As well as football we aim to create a community in which lifelong friendships are developed! And aim to include all genders in both on and off field activities.

What is the clubs current female football offer?

The club has a Wildcats centre, one under 12 Girls team, two under 14 Girls teams, and an open age Ladies team. We also have several girls who play in our junior Boys teams by choice.

What does your club to ensure that it is the great place for women and girls to play and enjoy football?

We look to give equal opportunities to women & girls at all levels within the club including coach recruitment, qualified coaches, role models, positive environment, respect, and that includes the general running of the club also at committee level. 

This also is not exclusive to football as we support and run our Hepworth Hurricanes Netball teams and training for those who do not wish to play or be involved in football.

Why is your club a great place for women and girls to coach/volunteer at?

We aim to give the same opportunities to all women and girls at whatever level they wish to be involved whether it is a coaching role or a volunteering role.

How has the Euro Legacy Pledge affected the club? 

Our Euro Legacy Pledge has been a huge part of the club’s recent drive in promoting female participation and involvement within the club and community. It has seen us increase both the number of players, coaches, volunteers, and committee members across the club. 

For those not wanting to be involved in football our new provision of female netball for women and girls has increased our female membership considerably. And has enabled even more female representatives on our committee and in the general administration of the club as a whole.

Feedback from our player survey will be used to further develop more opportunities also.

What are your hopes and ambitions for the future of the club? 

As a club we hope to further develop and increase the number of women’s and girl’s teams to mirror our boys and men’s sections. And to further increase the number of female coaches and volunteers at all levels. This is to be achieved without losing our Family & Community Club approach.

How do you believe the upcoming Women’s European Championships in Sheffield/Rotherham will impact your club?

The upcoming Women’s European Championships will give a huge boost and be a big help in promoting Women’s and Girls Football within our community and hopefully lead to an even greater uptake of ne participants and volunteers.