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Euro 2022 Club Legacy Programme

Creating a legacy in grassroots football

The UEFA Women’s Euro 2022 tournament has been the perfect opportunity for grassroots clubs to put themselves in the best possible position to grow their opportunities and make their environment more inclusive for females.

Being a ‘Euro’s Ready’ club is about making improvements to help improve the overall experience for female players, coaches and volunteers.  It’s a club’s opportunity to demonstrate that they have a culture that promotes gender diversity and that they are committed to doing things differently moving forward.  The ultimate aim is to be more inclusive as a club. 

The Euro's Ready pledge is a set of criteria outlined below that demonstrates that the clubs involved take female football seriously, and that they are ready to take the game to the next level.

reaping the benefits

Legacy 6

This opportunity puts clubs in the best position to create sustainable opportunities across the whole club, as well as: 

- A more representative volunteer workforce at the club
- A more equal offer for female players (Mixed Clubs) 
- Helping to inspire and retain your current crop of players
- Attracting new players to the club (with the possibility of additional teams)
- Attracting new volunteers to the club
- Listening to the voice of female players at the club

Euro's Ready clubs

Girls and ref

The clubs involved in this project have all gone through their own journey as they work towards making improvements across their club.  This includes improving governance through reviewing their committee structures and people, changing the way they advertise for female coaches and volunteers, and developing their playing offer by listening to young players.  

This page shows how clubs have worked towards achieving this and shares examples of the changes they have made to ensure their environment is the best place for women and girls to play football.

review the criteria

A programme review

The clubs showcased have all worked hard to meet the criteria outlined.  Not all clubs have been successful in achieving all areas of the criteria, however, what all these clubs have in common is they are committed to providing the best experience possible for their players.

"These clubs use innovative ways of improving the offer they have for their female players and finally, these clubs are committed to constantly reviewing their offer and looking at ways in which it can be improved, to help sustain the number of players they have at their club, to grow the number of players at their club as well as increasing the number of female volunteers volunteering within their club in a variety of roles"

Tom Measham, Senior Football Development Officer (Club Support Lead). 

Find out more about becoming a more inclusive, female friendly club by contacting Tom Measham