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South Yorkshire Ability Counts League

The South Yorkshire Ability Counts League (SYACL) is an independent pan-disability football league, managed by a committee dedicated to developing the adult competition. The SYACL offers:

  • 5 Divisions with over 25 teams
  • Sunday afternoon match days
  • Suitable for a range ages and ability levels
  • Fun, social and supportive environment

Sheffield & District Inclusive Junior League

The Sheffield & District Junior League are committed to providing inclusive playing opportunities for all youth players both in mainstream football and through a dedicated Inclusive League. The Sheffield & District Junior work closely with the County Football Association to operate an Inclusive League which provides:

  • Pan-Disability Football
  • Fun, Flexible and Friendly Environment
  • U12 & U16 Football (4 year age bandings)
  • Football at a central venue
  • Once a month fixtures

Power Chair Football

Power chair football is one of the UK’s fastest growing sports. Power chair football is played in an electric wheelchair with a team of 8 players; four players on the pitch at any one time. One player is the goalkeeper & with 3 outfield players, there’re unlimited substitutes. A goal is scored when the ball crosses the line between two goal posts.

We are currently seeking a Power Chair Football Club provider. If you are interested please contact Julie Callaghan at Julie.Callaghan@sheffieldfa.com