Green Football Weekend

Get involved in Green Football Weekend

Green Football Weekend returns and takes place across the weekend of February 2-5

Green Football Weekend brings together football lovers - from top-tier clubs to Sunday leagues - in an annual campaign to tackle climate change. 

We, the 3.5 billion football community, have the power to change things, like nothing else on planet earth. 

And this 2-5 February on Green Football Weekend, that change starts with our stomachs. It's time to try a tasty veggie meal!

Save the date for this football celebration from 2-5 February. 

 Here's how you can get involved:

- Dive into the Green Football Weekend Veggie Cookbook. Get the recipes, try them at home, and share your veggie creations!

- Score 'Green Goals' at Get your team and fans to take eco-friendly actions during the 3-week tournament (there’s some prizes on offer for the biggest scorers!)

- Host a 'Greener Game' on 2-5 February. Be a game-changer by organising your mini greener game, showing your commitment to sustainability.
Get in the game, every action counts! Join us for a greener future!

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