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We’ve launched a brand-new Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA WhatsApp channel to keep our grassroots football community up to date with our latest news.

By joining the free service, you’ll receive regular updates from us straight to your device. 

WhatsApp Channels serve as a one-way communication service, separate from private messaging, designed for organisations to share updates with users who follow the channel.

Click here to follow our WhatsApp channel or scan the QR code below with your phone.

Instructions on how to follow the SHCFA WhatsApp Channel

No one will be able to see your personal information in the community and you will only receive messages from the Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA team. 

Once you’ve joined, the channel can be found under the ‘Updates’ tab at the bottom of your screen next to ‘Chats’, ‘Calls’ and ‘Communities’ on iPhone, and at the middle of the top of the screen on Android.

And don’t forget to click the ‘Bell’ icon to turn on notifications.

If for some reason you decide you no longer want to follow our Channel, you can leave at any time by clicking on the name at the top of your screen and selecting 'Unfollow Channel'.

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