Mental health friendly clubs

Become a mental health friendly club

Find out how your club can make the pledge

Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA, in partnership with our stakeholders, is encouraging clubs to become mental health friendly by pledging to adopt four key principles.

With one in four of us experiencing a mental health problem in any given year, mental health issues can affect any one of us.

By signing up to our pledge to become a mental health friendly club, we’re asking you to get your coaches, players, volunteers, parents and supporters talking about mental health so that your club becomes a place where someone can go and feel comfortable that they will be treated well and where there is no stigma attached to talking about mental health

In order to sign up to the pledge, your club will need to complete the following:

  • Appoint a club Mental Health Champion - CLICK HERE
  • Adopt Moving Mental Health Forward Network Charter
  • Promote and advocate positive Mental Health messaging throughout your club
  • Provide and promote contacts of Mental Health services and crisis services to all members.

To register your interest in working towards being a mental health friendly club, please email Leon Dearns at

For more information on mental health, visit: