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Following on from the success of last season’s Young Activators Academy, which was launched in line with Women’s Euro 2022 and provided over 50 students with valuable insights into key areas of the game, we’re delighted to expand this programme for the 2022/23 season.

The student network programme, which is open to all students and young people aged 16 and above in South Yorkshire and surrounding areas, aims to provide those that sign up to the initiative with an opportunity to gain hands-on football experience.

You’ll get the chance to upskill and develop your skills in a range of subjects associated with football such as coaching, administration, media, football development and much more. 

By registering, you’ll join our mailing list and receive regular opportunities directly to your inbox. The types of opportunities range from gaining valuable work experience at local grassroots clubs to attending free workshops hosted by football professionals.

Watch a short clip on last season's Young Activators Academy below.

Here’s what last season’s cohort had to say…

“My first impressions of the programme were that it seemed like an incredibly informative and exciting opportunity to learn more about women’s football in the area. This turned out to be the case with multiple engaging sessions run focusing on the women’s game alongside more general sessions.”

“By being part of the Young Activators Programme I definitely think I have grown more confident and seen a clearer path working within sport after university.” 

“The programme helped me gain confidence to reach out to local clubs to start getting experience in sports photography.”

“The EURO22 Young Activators Academy has given me more experiences, more knowledge, and more opportunities than I ever imagined.”

“The programme gave me an opportunity to maintain CPD, meet new people, network, listen to some great industry speakers and stands me in a better position for the next step in my life’s journey.”

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