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Referee Registration 2022-23

Referee registration is now open for the upcoming season

The Registration portal is now live for Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA match officials. 

The cost of registration to SHCFA remains at £20.00 for the season.

Safeguarding Requirements

Referees who officiate youth football must have an in-date FA DBS and an in-date one of the following safeguarding education courses:

- Safeguarding for All
- Safeguarding Children Course

(14-15 years old should complete the FA's 'Safeguarding for All')

All safeguarding courses are online and can be accessed via this link

Information can be found here around applying for an FA DBS through SHCFA. 

Referee Registration

The short online re-registration process on the unique Referee Registration portal allows you to update your contact details, complete an equality/diversity form and state the types of football you would like to cover.

Step by Step Guide

A step by step guide is available to support your referee registration process and can be downloaded here 

Providing Consent for 14 or 15 Year Old Referees

In order for 14 and 15 year old referees to register, they will need to ensure their parents/carers have given them permission. Parents can find out how to give consent by looking at the guidance produced by the FA.

It’s important to remember that if you have not registered you should not officiate in League fixtures, competitions, tournaments or friendly matches until you have completed the process.

Additional Information

Referee ID Cards

SHCFA have a referee ID card system in place to support safeguarding within youth football.  Any referee who wishes to officiate within youth football must apply for an electronic SHCFA ID Card.

To obtain one of these, please send a headshot photo, along with your Name & FAN to

Yellow Armband Campaign

In 2022 we launched our 'yellow armband' campaign which aims to support and protect referees who are under the age of 18.  Current registered referees (who are aged under 18) can apply for a yellow armband for free by completing an online form.


Please find information below about applying for Promotion.  If you are interested in applying, please express your interest via our online form.  Following submission of your form, you will be given a Referee Promotion Pack for the specific level you are looking to progress to.  Please note that there is a £30 promotion fee to cover the costs associated with this opportunity - you will receive an invoice for payment via the Whole Game System in due course. 

referee progression pack


How do I register? – Please log into the Referee Registration Portal
Is there a deadline to register? – No, but you cannot Referee until it has been completed (this includes Pre-Season Friendlies).
I have forgotten my password for my Whole Game System account. What do I do? – You can reset your password HERE.

The Whole Game System will not accept my email address. What do I do? – You can log in using your FAN HERE.
What is the cost to Register? – This year’s fee will remain at £20.

Laws of the Game - To view the Laws of the Game, you can download the IFAB App. No hard copies will be available.

How do I register my child to Referee? – Please see the document HERE with further instructions.
How do I renew my DBS? – Please see information HERE and arrange to verify your documents with either a member of staff or our Designated Safeguarding Officer, Claire MacRory - . Our offices are open on Wednesdays and Thursdays to verify Documents.


For further information about referee registration or how to get involved in refereeing please contact Aaron Bannister, Referee Development Officer.

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