County cups

County Cup Finals 2021/22: Match Official Appointments

Congratulations to all the match officials who have been appointed to a County Cup Final.

Local match officials from across the Sheffield and Hallamshire region have been allocated to County Cup Finals.

With ten County Cup Finals taking place throughout April, ranging from Junior Cup Finals to the highly anticipated Senior Cup Final, it’s a perfect opportunity to reward those officials who have shown commitment throughout the season and displayed high levels of performance.

On the appointments, Referee Development Officer, Aaron Bannister, said: “It’s seen as a real accolade amongst the match official community to be appointed to a County Cup Final. As always, it is extremely difficult to select officials for all the finals because we have so many good officials to choose from. 

“Appointments are allocated based on a match official’s performance, dedication and hard work over the last 12 months. Congratulations to all those appointed, enjoy the occasion and I wish you all the best in your fixture.” 

* Appointments subject to confirmation and may change

U13s County Cup Final
Referee: Paul Holmes
Assistant Referee: Chris Perry
Assistant Referee: Katie Horner
Fourth Official: (TBC)

U16s County Cup Final
Referee: Matthew Collins
Assistant Referee: Lewis Coleman
Assistant Referee: Joel Calise
Fourth Official: Laura Gilmore

5v5 Disability Cup
Referee: Brian Eaton

7v7 Disability Cup
Referee: Sean Wright

Sunday Junior County Cup Final
Referee: Peter Henger
Assistant Referee: Steven Beresford
Assistant Referee: Ian Walsh
Fourth Official: Gary Hubbard

Sunday Senior County Cup Final
Referee: Colin Unwin
Assistant Referee: Leo Middleton
Assistant Referee: Adam Tanriyar
Fourth Official: Andrew Hogg

Saturday Junior County Cup Final
Referee: Tyler Machin
Assistant Referee: Paul Ardron
Assistant Referee: Tim Darnes
Fourth Official: Gavin Scott

Association Cup County Cup Final
Referee: Waqar Ahmed
Assistant Referee: Duncan Ward
Assistant Referee: Gary Barlow
Fourth Official: Ben Curry

Women’s County Cup Final
Referee: Stacey Hall
Assistant Referee: Megan Wilson
Assistant Referee: Aaron Hallam
Fourth Official: Richard Trinder

Saturday Senior Cup Final
Referee: James Bell
Assistant Referee: Charles Mulhall
Assistant Referee: Samuel Clayton
Fourth Official: Gary Thomas