Boot depression away

Mental Health Awareness Week - Have your say!

Samaritans Mental Health & Well-being in Football Focus Groups

Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA have partnered with local and national organisations to support, advise and upskill grassroots football mental health and wellbeing during the postponement in non-elite grassroots football and continue post the return of the beautiful game!

We believe now more than ever is important to support individuals and club’s mental health and wellbeing with the recent stop and start and postponements in football.

Samaritans are looking to host a range of focus groups with individuals from the local grassroots game including players, parents/carers, referees and all volunteers!

The conversations and feedback will then support how development work carried out by Samaritans and The Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA will be carried out to support Mental Health & Well-being in Football.

If you are interested in attending a focus group to help shape our work or just provide your feedback through a short questionnaire please CLICK HERE

Boot depression away

Alongside this we are continuing our work around boot depression away!

Sports and activity such as football helps us to have good mental health as well as good physical health.  The exercise, working together as a team and having fun simply makes us feel better.  The theme for Mental Health week is Nature and playing football outside in the sun, rain or wind and having opportunities to be in outdoor spaces helps us to deal with stress and anxiety. 

During Mental Health Awarness Week 2021, you are being invited to #connectwithnature and share what it means to you by going out and experiencing it, taking and sharing photographs and talking about it.  For more information on how to get involved visit join the conversation on social media with #connectwithnature or #mentalhealthawarenessweek

Get on your football boots, your walking boots or your wellies and boot depression away!


Leon Dearns Adult Football Development Officer)