Referee Registration 2021/22

Sarah Wood
Referee registration now open

We are delighted to confirm that the window to Register for next season is now open via The Whole Game System

Please see below, some important information, along with some FAQS, which should help you along with the process.

Register here


Safeguarding Course
All Referees are now required to have an in-date FA Safeguarding Qualification. As Referees, you will be able to complete the free online ‘Safeguarding For All’ course, which takes 45min–1hour to complete. This course is accessible 24/7 through The FA Bootroom Upon completion of this course, you will be able to Register to officiate for the 2021/22 season. 

There Is online self-help guidance available to support you. 


In order to Referee Junior Football, you will be required to have an in-date DBS and Safeguarding Qualification. You will also need a Sheffield FA Electronic ID Card. To obtain one of these, please send a headshot photo, along with your Name & FAN to

If you are interested in going for Promotion on the Men's or Women's pathway, please see the information here (7-6, 6-5 & 4W-3W Promotions) or here (5-4 Promotions). Please note that there is a fee of £30 to apply for promotion.

apply for promotion here



We are in a fortunate position to have a fantastic volunteer workforce who have a vast amount of knowledge around Refereeing. Sheffield FA can provide further support through the help of our Referee Coaches & Mentors. 

Referee Mentors may be provided to Trainee, Youth or Level 7 Referees for support around the basics of Refereeing. This can include how to deal with Players/Managers/Parents/Spectators, how to report incidents or any general enquiries around Refereeing

Referee Coaches may be provided to Level 7, 6 and 5 (plus 4W-3W) promotion candidates or Referees wishing to progress. The coaches may go into further details around specific incidents and the technical side of Refereeing. 

If you are interested in receiving this support or joining our team, please get in touch.


Mental Health Champions

Sheffield FA is delighted to be part of The FA ‘Mental Health Champion’ Scheme. If you need any support around your Mental Health, we can provide this support for you. If you have a mental health problem and would like to have a confidential conversation, then please first make contact with either Natasha Wilson or Matt Malton to arrange a suitable time to talk.



How do I register? – Please log in to your Whole Game System Account  Please also find The FA Guidance Notes HERE.

Is there a deadline to register? – No, but you cannot Referee until it has been completed.

I have forgotten my password for my Whole Game System account. What do I do? – You can reset your password HERE.

The Whole Game System will not accept my email address. What do I do? – You can log in using your FAN HERE.

What is the cost to Register? – This year’s fee will remain at £20.

I went for Promotion from 5-4 last season, what will happen with my Promotion Fee and Marks? – Marks will get carried over and your application will continue to next season. There is no fee to pay for promotion this season and information around fitness tests/other events will be sent out in due course.

How do I register my child to Referee? – Please see the document HERE with further instructions.

How do I renew my DBS? – Please see information HERE and arrange to verify your documents with either Aaron Bannister, Referee Development Officer or Claire MacRory, Designated Safeguarding Officer -


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