Design a poster for our Campaign to promote good mental health for young players

We all know that in January everyone can feel a bit down and low because it’s cold and dark, Christmas is over and there isn’t much to do…  this January is even worse than normal!  Football has stopped again, which means that you are not able to feel good and get the social aspect of physical activity with your team mates. Bad feelings may develop from being lonely, unhappy or worried and it’s really important to know that you can get support.

We would like your help in creating a campaign for our website and social media by designing a poster – a poster for people your age who might be anxious and upset but not know what to do about it.  A poster that helps people to talk about their feelings.

Your poster should:

  • Have a catchy slogan
  • Relate to football
  • Include a phone number or website address of an organisation that can help people
  • Use cartoons or pictures
  • Needs to be A4 size

The closing date for entries is Tuesday 8th February.  Please send entries to or if it’s a hand drawn picture, email a photograph and also send the original drawing to SHCFA, 204 Meadowhall Road, Sheffield S9 1BN.

There is a first prize for the winning club of £100 voucher of your choice and an additional £25 voucher from Kitlocker.  Second prize is a £50 voucher of your choice.

You are not alone, if you need help or support please contact flourish or samaritans...