The start of something big

Sarah Wood
Exciting opportunity for women in football

Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA would like to welcome our new Women's Football Recreational Officer.  A role which is supported by the Women's Euro 2022 Legacy Groups in Sheffield and Rotherham. 

"I’m Sara, your new Women’s Recreational Football Officer. It’s quite the mouthful but I promise the idea behind the role is pretty simple – let’s get females (16+) in Sheffield and Rotherham playing football – in their own way – in their own places – having fun – so that more women get the opportunity to experience the many benefits of the beautiful game.  

Football is one of the most played female sports in England and it is growing fast BUT growth happens in many ways, and I’m not talking about your 11 a side, Saturday/Sunday league games. I’m talking about growth in sessions where there is no pressure to compete, where you can be brand new to the game and learn skills, where you can walk instead of run, where you can play small sided games, and so much more. You might be a club, community organisation, team, player, coach, ref, newbie, ex player – there is a way for you to be involved.  

We want to work with you to ensure the right people are delivering the right sessions in the right environment at the right time at the right price – and this takes teamwork!! Through this teamwork we are going to listen to the women of Sheffield and Rotherham and find out what ‘right’ looks, feels and sounds like for them. Then …... we’re going to make it happen.  

Sounds easy right …….. right? This is the first time EVER a role of this type has been put into place, it’s exciting, it’s the start of something BIG. So, come be a part of the journey, get in touch and let’s work together. I cannot wait to get started with you all, give me a call on 07805 683784 (or drop me a text and I can call you) or send over an email."

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