Affiliation now open

Sarah Wood
2020-21 Club Affiliation now Open

Affiliation Update - 28th July

Affiliation Applications

As clubs are submitting their affiliation applications, staff are working hard to review and process these.  If you have submitted your affiliation, your application is 'pending'.  Your pending application will be in a queue waiting to be reviewed.  If you have submitted the correct documents and selected an insurance option, your affiliation will be processed and you will be asked to make a payment on the Whole Game System.

If you have not submitted correct documentation, your application will be returned to you and you will be asked to upload relevant information and re-submit.  

Your affiliation application will only be 'completed' once it has been reviewed, paid, and you can see an affiliation number on the Whole Game System.  

Please be patient in waiting for your application to be approved. 

Playing Friendly Matches

Following the latest FA Guidance for the return of outdoor competitive grassroots football, competitive matches can commence from the 1st August.  Clubs do not require to seek approval from SHCFA to play in friendly matches as long as the following requirements are in place:

- Clubs and teams are affiliated with their Parent County FA for the 2020-21 season (insurances are included in this)
- Clubs and teams have a risk assessment in place
- Clubs have a Covid 19 officer in place and have shared these contact details with the opposition
- Clubs and teams are following the latest FA guidance
- All games are subject to discipline and safeguarding investigations and sanctions 
- All players must be registered on the Whole Game System
- Where games are officiated by an FA Referee, the referee must be registered for the 2020-21 season


Affiliation Update - 14th July 

Whilst we appreciate there are more important things going in the world at this time Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA are delighted to announce the 2020-21 Club Affiliation window is now open. In what we hope is another positive step towards the return of grassroots football. 

The Affiliation process can be completed online via Whole Game System. To support you and your club through this process we have attached a number of documents which we hope will guide you through your Affiliation.

For any additional support please visit our ‘Contact us’ page by Clicking Here to ensure you have the most up to date contact details for County FA Staff during this time- whilst the office remains closed.

Further to SHCFA announcement on the 24th April 2020 we can confirm that clubs will not be charged a ‘club affiliation fee’ or ‘team fees’ for the 2020/21 season however, clubs will be required to cover the cost of their Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance. 

Whilst we are opening the affiliation window for clubs this unfortunately does not mean football has returned, yet. Please ensure you follow the Government and FA guidance for up to date information surrounding the return of grassroots football.

CLub affiliation guide

Legal liability insurance brochure

Personal accident insurance brochure