League and Club Affiliation Fees Update

Message from Uriah Rennie (Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA Chair)

Dear Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA Clubs 

Last week I was pleased to inform you that The Board at Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA had agreed to remove Club affiliation fee for the coming season, news which I hope was warmly received.

I am now delighted to inform you that The FA has very generously offered additional financial support to allow the individual Team element of affiliation fees to be discounted.

Whilst extremely welcome, this assistance from the FA does not quite cover the full Team affiliation fee, however my colleagues on the Board at Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA and I recognise that through The FA’s support we now have a fantastic opportunity to respond to the challenges created by Covid-19 and to assist with the “return to football”.  Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA will therefore “top up” The FA’s support in order to fully remove all affiliation fees for the coming season.

Where we can The Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA has financially assisted with your return to football.   We do however hope you will appreciate that some costs are outside of our control, including your premiums relating to public liability and personal accident insurance, which will still be payable to insurance providers.

We will communicate the affiliation window opening date in due course.  

Our focus at this time is with our affiliated Leagues and Clubs. We still intend to operate Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA Cup competitions in 2020-21. When future Government and FA advice informs us, we will be back in touch to provide an update about our cup competitions and the fees which may well be applicable.    

I hope that the combined efforts of the Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA and The FA to remove Club and Team affiliation fees for the coming season will be a welcomed boost, and we look forward to welcoming you all back to football when it is safe to do so. 

The County FA remains here to help you and as always we encourage your feedback.  Please do continue to send your thoughts and enquiries through to the staff team at the following email address:

I would also encourage you to take a couple of minutes to complete the following survey, your responses will help the team to target the support that will be offered:


 Please stay safe and follow government advice.

Uriah Rennie

Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA Chair