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Opportunity For All Clubs To Promote Disability Football

Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA would like to invite all clubs and leagues to take the lead on promoting disability football opportunities across the region.

Disability Football is one of the beautiful games greatest secrets and we need your support to promote the wide variety of opportunities across the region. Did you know we have over 60 affiliated teams across the county? Or that we have 4 leagues for pan-disability, mental health & inclusive football?

We all too often hear stories of players dropping out of the mainstream game as clubs are unable to meet their needs. Promoting alternative opportunities or improving awareness could help keep players in the game we all love.

Psychological barriers are the most restrictive barrier to disabled people taking part in Sport. Psychological barriers are the views disabled people have about their own capabilities & also the views on non-disabled people on what they think they can do. We can effectively remove these barriers by encouraging more disabled people to take part & engaging local organisations who already work with disabled people.

Footballs biggest secret? Not anymore, this is why we are asking all grassroots clubs and leagues to pledge their support to promoting disability football.

Last season 10 clubs joined us in promoting localised disability football opportunities a huge thanks to those clubs: Handsworth JSC, Stocksbridge Park Steels, Dearne & District JFC, Barnsley College, Bessacarr FC, Hillsborough Pumas, Young Owls JFC, Branton Juniors, Redfearns JFC & Sprotbrough Crusaders. 

Taking the pledge

Taking a pledge is easy. Clubs & leagues can take a pledge that suits the ambitions of the club or league. The pledge can be as big or small as the club or league decides but all pledges regardless of size will contribute to raising awareness of disability football. 

Pledges don’t have to cost a penny and could require very little time to complete but could have a huge impact on local football. In its simplest form a pledge could be to share the Sheffield & Hallamshire disability club directory in your club house, on your website or via social media. Our directories are ready to be sent out either by post or as a digital copy. By promoting the club directory, a parent, supporter, player or coach might see this and lead another player with a disability into joining a local club.

The pledge project has been extremely successful across two other counties & we would like our clubs to join us in supporting this fantastic project. We especially want to hear from youth and adult clubs/leagues that have no disability provision but would love to help us promote it.

All clubs that make a pledge will be in receipt of County FA pledge certificate to display around their club, we’d love to share your photos of your certificates via our social media accounts.


Pledge Criteria:

Bronze Level: Raising Awareness

  • Display S&HCFA directory in your club house
  • Add the club directory to your website
  • Share the club directory on your social media platforms
  • Audit the players within your club who have disabilities
  • Plan to develop club facilities for players & spectators with disabilities


Silver Level: Inclusive Opportunities

  • Put a coach through the coaching disabled footballers course
  • Put a coach through National Autistic Society - Autism Workshop
  • Create a club disability football development group
  • Host Disability Specific CPD workshops at your club
  • Provide coaching opportunities for individuals with disabilities


Gold Level: Disability Specific Opportunities

  • Apply to host recreational disability football at your club
  • Set up a youth disability team at your club
  • Set up an adult disability team at your club
  • Set up an impairment specific disability team at your club
  • Promote the England Disability Talent Pathway to eligible players at your club


Club Incentives:

Upon committing to a pledge every club will receive:

  • A Your Game: Our Pledge certificate with details of their pledge
  • A hard copy of the County disability football directory
  • A digital copy of the County disability football directory
  • A disability football club engagement guide

How to submit a pledge:

  1. As a club decide what you want your disability football pledge to look like
  2. Complete the online form:
  3. Closing date: 31st October 2019
  4. Club will receive positive coverage via social media
  5. Pledge clubs will receive direct support from the County FA throughout the season to help them achieve their pledge for the 2020/2021 season.
Clubs achieving their pledge will receive an incentive at the beginning of the 2020/2021 season