Turn Up And Play

Calum Oakenfold
Small Grants Available For Recreational Disability Football

Did you know more than 1 in 5 people in the UK have a long term impairment or health condition?

Did you know that the majority of these impairments or health conditions are not visible? 

What is turn up & play? 

Turn up & play is about providing open access recreational football opportunities for any children with a disability who are not able to access mainstream football.

Children with hidden disabilities such as autism can drop out of mainstream football either due to their coach or team mates been unable to meet their needs. Turn up & Play is about providing local opportunities for individuals with a disability to play football in a friendly, safe & no pressure environment. 

Terminology of disability

‘Disabled people’ is a widely used phrase that not all groups of people identify with. When we use the term disability it does not always relate to a physical disability either, it could refer to someone with a special educational need or a neurological condition like cerebral palsy.

Locally the most common format of disability football is ‘Pan-disability’ which essentially means all disabilities. The term ‘Pan-disability’ isn’t entirely accurate as it isn’t always suitable for all disabilities for example wheelchair users & blind players will predominately play blind or power chair football.

What do you need to get started?

Many clubs have a desire to do more within their communities but don’t always have the confidence to get started. Starting a new session is actually easier than you think, you may just need to plan ahead and take in some extra information. The result could be the most rewarding thing your club has ever done.

All successful clubs will be provided with an information support pack to provide them with guidance on how to get started.

You will also be given access to an online platform which will provide you with resources & a space to ask questions to those already operating disability inclusive sessions.

Priority Areas

We will be providing priority to applications who seek to include: 

  • Disabled women or girls
  • Disabled children 12 & under

We will also be prioritising those who would like to start recreational sessions in & around the WORKSOP area.

Minimum Requirements:

  • FA Level 1 coach
  • In date safeguarding & first aid
  • Attended coaching disabled footballers workshop (Can provide acceptance if booked onto course)

Who is eligible? 

  • Grassroots clubs
  • Professional club community foundations
  • Organisations that are registered in England with the Charity Commission

Application Process:

Please complete the online application form:


If successful you will be provided with a service level agreement (SLA) which will need to be signed & returned. You will need to read through the SLA carefully as this will be a contract of what is expected.

Closing date:


The closing date for applications will be Friday 31st March 2019. All sessions will be expected to start at the very latest 30th April 2019.