Female friendly clubs

Developing Inclusive Clubs

Sarah Wood
Creating the right environment for women and girls

Football is a national game and we want to help make sure that it is truly accessible for all.  We want to support our local grassroots clubs to create the right environment for women and girls to thrive.  

The FA have developed a Female Friendly Toolkit with advice and real life examples to help create a supportive and inclusive environment for your club.  

Female friendly toolkit

We recently delivered our first Female Friendly Club workshop in partnership with The FA.  

“We were delighted to see over 20 clubs in attendance.  We spoke about barriers to participation for women and girls, and ways in which we can work together to overcome them.  We want all clubs to get on board with this initiative to ensure that they have the right things in place to welcome females into their club environment.  The toolkit gives you loads of idea, both on and off the pitch”. Mike Drummond, Youth Development Officer, SHCFA.  

As part of our ongoing commitment to develop the female game we have several upcoming opportunities as part of our Female Game Development Group for you to get involved.  Furthermore, we are also offering bursaries for potential female coaches and referees.  

apply for a bursary

For any questions about the opportunities to develop the women and girl’s game in your club please contact Mike Drummond.