How to incorporate Goalkeepers in the Squad

Sarah Wood
Goalkeepers are a part of the team, not apart from the team

Are you a coach looking to include your goalkeepers more during training and matches? If so our next CPD event is for you! 

"The GK is part of the team....not apart from the team"
This workshop is aimed at coaches of all levels and will show practical examples where there is a focus on GK technical and tactical detail, while incorporating them within the squad.
Examples will cover, save selection, dealing with 1 v 1 situations, distribution, etc.
If you want to develop your GK and the squad, not only on technical/tactical detail, but also to improve relationships with units of the team, book on the workshop now!

Venue: SGP Thorncliffe, S35 3HY
Time: 6-9pm
Date:  7th May, 2019
Deliverer: Brian Peck, FA Tutor 

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For more information about this event or any future coaching workshops please contact Tom Measham on 0114 261 5515.