Club Committee Meetings

Club committees are organised by the elected committee they are held to manage the day to day running of the club. Meetings should be recorded and minutes produced for a couple of reasons. Number 1 a number of actionable points will be discussed during the meeting and these need to be recorded so that they can be followed up on. Secondly by recording and distributing Minutes of meeting club members the club is being completely transparent with its decision-making processes.

Meetings should be held on a regular basis, your club constitution will state how often this must be. Club secretaries generally lead on when meetings will be held and recording and distributing minutes. Try to keep meetings short and to the point to ensure that they remain well attended.

Meetings should have an agenda to ensure all key parts of the club are being discussed minimum agenda points should include;

  • Apologies
  • Last meeting actions review
  • Finance Report
  • Safeguarding & Qualifications Update
  • Any Other Business

Other areas of club development should be added based upon your club. Each agenda point should have all actions recorded, who raised each action, who is responsible for any future actions and the timescale the action needs to be completed.

Please see our Committee Meeting template, feel free to download it and use it for future meetings or adapt it to suit your club. 

Club committee meeting template

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