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Annual General Meetings

Annual General Meeting is a once a year meeting, generally held at the end of a season to review the season for the club. The meeting is open to all club members and is used a opportunity for members to have a say on how the club is ran.

For AGMs all club members must be invited at least 21 days before the meeting itself. The meeting will signal the end of your elected clubs officials’ term in post. All members should be invited to nominate club officials for the upcoming season.

AGM Requirements;

  • Invite all club members at least 21 days prior to the meeting.
  • Invite all members to nominate for elections.
  • Elect your club’s committee for the upcoming season.
  • Review club constitution propose and vote on any changes required.

Minutes of meeting must be taken, this is normally done by the Club Secretary- good practice is to distribute the minutes to all club members so they can see what decision have been taken by the club.  

Please see our Annual General Meeting template, feel free to download it and use it for future meetings or adapt it to suit your club.


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