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introduction to volunteering

Whether your starting your coaching journey, a student looking to develop some key skills, want to give something back to the game or have some extra time to fill, volunteering in football is for anyone who has the passion to support to local football. 

Volunteering is flexible and can fit around your spare time.  This can be getting involved in one off events, working with a group for one hour per week or really taking the lead in your local club or league. 

Whatever role you have, the benefits to the game, players, spectators and you are HUGE.  Creating new opportunities, lasting memories and developing key skills are just some of the benefits of being involved. 

What are the benefits of volunteering?


Volunteering can be exciting and rewarding.  There are a vast range of roles on offer, providing you with plenty of choice to suit your preference and skill set.  

There are so many reasons to volunteer in football.  Volunteering is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference in other people’s lives and give something back to the beautiful game.  This can range from introducing young boys and girls into their first football team, to connecting adults from your local community into a football fitness session.  

All volunteers make a difference.  Whether you commit one hour a week on the pitch or five hours a week behind the scenes, you are playing your part.  Without volunteers, grassroots football would not happen.

On this page you will find an endless list of volunteering opportunities across local football.  We want to help you find the best opportunity for you.  The best opportunity to utilise and develop your skills, make you feel valued, and contribute to a cause that you care about.    


Working directly with players

Working with a Team

Working directly with a team is one of the most popular ways of getting involved in football volunteering.  There are over 3000 teams across the local area ranging from Under 7s to walking football.  All players value the role that a volunteer takes within their team, and there are several roles available here.  

What roles are involved?
Most teams consist of at least two volunteers who oversee all the necessary roles.  These can range from coaching, managing, first aider, parent helper, or administrator.  Team volunteers are responsible for ensuring that players have a positive and safe experience of grassroots football. 

What do you need for this role?
All volunteers within youth football are required to have an FA DBS in place.  It is also recommended that you have the relevant coaching and safeguarding qualifications.

You will need to have good communication and organisation skills.  You will need to be passionate about player development and understand the need to create the right environment for your players.  

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