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With the growth of female game at an all-time high across the county as well as the nation. We must look at ways that we support the workforce and framework that supports the female game. 
Last year In In partnership with the Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA, Sheffield Hallam University FA Women's High Performance Centre and the FA Mentoring scheme The implementation of the Female Coaches Club was designed to Inspire, develop and support coaches.
Through the success of the Female Coaches Club we reached out to our members & partners to see how we could look to grow and develop this programme. Through this feedback and consultation The Female Game Development Group was developed. 

New programme design:
• Name change: The Female Game Development Group
• New statement - Inspire to Recruit, Deploy & Develop
• If you work across the female game you are in the group!
• Development Sessions & CPD’s will be open For All
• Bursaries will be available for coaching, refereeing
• Bursaries will be available for all genders to apply that work across the female game
• A new strategy to develop the female game across the county ready for The Women’s Euro 2021
• Applications to receive FA Coach Mentor Support or Different forms of support available

It is important that we provide meaningful and required support events & CPD’s to everyone who works within the female game. Please click here to have your say of what type of events we offer to support you within the female game.

For more information about ‘The Female Game Development Group’ please  contact Mike.Drummond@sheffieldfa.com  or call on 01142615506



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