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Introducing Your Tutor Workforce

Meet your tutor workforce

Calum Oakenfold

Calum has been a tutor for the past 3 years and now tutors on the FA Level 1, 2 and UEFA B Licence courses. Calum brings over 15 years of coaching experience to courses and still coaches today. 


Brian Peck

Brian brings a vast array of experience to the courses and delivers on FA Level 1, 2 and UEFA B Licence courses. Brian is also a Goal Keeper specialist and delivers our FA Level 1 and 2 in Goalkeeping. Brian is also a coach mentor and supports coaches across the county. 


Ross Napier

Ross brings over 15 years tutor experience to courses along with a great background in coaching. Ross delivers on FA Level 1 and 2 courses and also is a FA Coach Mentor supporting clubs and coaches across South Yorkshire. 


Dougie Woodhouse-Roe

Dougie has been tutoring for the FA for over 20 years and with this brings a great knowledge and skill set to courses. Alongside coaching, Dougie specializes in fitness specific to football development and blends this knowledge into courses well. Dougie is also a FA Coach Mentor supporting clubs across South Yorkshire. 


Andy Beaglehole

Andy has been involved in grassroots football for many years supporting clubs and players develop. Andy delivers FA Level 1 and 2 courses and brings excellent knowledge of coaching to his delivery. Alongside tutoring, Andy used to be an FA Skills Coach delivering sessions to foundation age children through schools and clubs. Andy is also an FA Coach Mentor and helps develop clubs and coaches in the local area.


James Ellis

James brings great experience in coaching and has held roles in multiple coaching environments through his career. James delivers on FA Level 1 & 2 courses.