Code of governance

Code of Governance

code of governance for county football associations

Ensuring the highest standards of corporate governance

The Sheffield and Hallamshire County FA is the first County Football Association in England to achieve version 2.1 – the highest standard – of The FA's Code of Governance for County FAs.

As the national sport that millions of people play and support across the country, it’s vitally important that The FA and the County FAs serve and lead the game as effectively as possible. 

By achieving The Code of Governance for County FAs, we have ensured that our Association is run to the highest standards of corporate governance. These standards set out wide-ranging benefits to us as a County FA and ensure our Board, and other decision-making structures, are best equipped to deliver, safeguard and develop our National Game, ensuring it is a game for all.

Code of governance

Good governance is at the heart of our organisation

We're compliant with The FA’s Code of Governance

We’re the first County FA to be compliant with version 2.1 of The FA’s Code of Governance for County Football Associations.

Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA