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How to win without losing your values

With the climax of the season fast approaching the issue of winning or development can be a challenge for many coaches.

In April’s edition of The Boot Room - The FA coaching magazine - we look at why the way you win matters and how young players' behaviour in victory or defeat is a reflection of their coach. 

Included in issue 24:

England U15: winning with values

Kevin Betsy, England U15 coach, explains how the Three Lions' youth teams are determined to win, but not at the expense of their core values

10 top-tips: winning and losing

How to help young players deal with the emotions that come with winning and losing and why the example of the coach matters most

Is a 13-0 game fun for anyone?

Young players want games to be a challenge - so why do we let scorelines like 13-0 happen? Discover our 5 solutions to mismatched fixtures.

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