Criminal Records Checks

The FA’s Safeguarding Children Policy and Regulations requires all individuals directly involved with children and young people under the age of 18yrs to hold an Accepted FA CRC.

What is a CRC check?

A CRC check is a way of checking a person’s history to make sure they do not have any previous convictions that means they are not safe to work with children. Disclosures show people’s conviction history (offences they have been found guilty of), information that might be considered relevant (for example if a person has had their children on a Child Protection register for sexual abuse) and whether they are banned by the courts from working with children.

When a disclosure is issued The FA CRB Unit gets one copy and the applicant gets another. These are identical, unless the unit receives additional information on a separate letter which is of relevance to the individual, this will not show on the applicant’s copy. This means that a disclosure certificate appears clear of relevant offending but there may be very real concerns. Additional information tells The FA CRB Unit about any on-going investigations, for example about someone who is having their computer monitored for downloading child abuse images or who is under surveillance for drug dealing.

How much do they cost?

CRC checks cost £15.30 for paper application alternatively you can apply online for £10 which is quicker and cheaper.  Costs quoted are for anyone involved in football on a voluntary basis.

How can I get a CRC check?

It is recommended that clubs should nominate a Club Welfare Officer who applies for a CRC check first. The Welfare Officer can then register your club for online applications by emailing or telephoning 0845 210 8080. Instructions will then be sent out on how to complete the online process paper copies can still be requested also using the above contacts.

Click here to view information about Club Welfare Officers.

I already have a CRC check – do I need another one?

CRC checks can only be accepted when issued through The FA (TMG.TV Ltd). CRB/CRC certificates from the education sector, health or the Police for example will not be accepted.

Sheffield & Hallamshire CFA CRC Process

- Individuals who are currently involved with a club should firstly speak with their Club Welfare Officer or alternatively speak with their Youth League Welfare Officer for queries and identification verification.
 - Any individual who wishes to have their Identification checked by an authorised person may attend Sheffield & Hallamshire FA.
- All individuals must phone up Sheffield & Hallamshire CFA and arrange an appointment with the County Welfare Officer or Referees Development Officer. 
- Any enquires about The FA CRC Process should be made to FA CRB on 0845 210 80 80 or by emailing

For further information on CRB checks please contact Lisa Glaves - County Welfare Officer on 0114 261 5500 or email or contact The FA CRB Unit on 0845 210 8080.

Changes to the CRC ID Checking Process - From August 2012

You may already be familiar with the CRC process and ID checking requirements; however, it’s important for us to let you know that changes to the ID checking process are coming into effect from 31 August 2012.

Please find in the documents section below the revised list of authorised ID documents and details of the three new ID checking routes available. The external ID validation service requirements for route two will be managed by The FA CRB Unit once the application has been submitted. There is also a adminsitartion form for CRC ID. More information on these changes can be found at