If you are ambitious and want to officiate in a higher standard of football, then Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA are here to help and you can progress along the referee promotions pathway.

Who can apply?
• To be considered for promotion you need to be aged 16 or over – there is no age limit thereafter and is open to both male and female referees
• You must be prepared to referee in open age (Adult) football
When does the promotion season start?
• The promotion season commences on 1st March each year and ends on the 28th February in the year following.

How do I take the first step from moving from a Level 7 to Level 6 referee?
• You need to inform your Referee Development Officer by e mail of your intentions before 1st June each year.

What happens after that?
• You will be invited to a promotion seminar in the close season where the full promotion process will be explained
• During the seminar you will need to sit an examination to confirm your knowledge of the Laws of the Game.

How is promotion decided upon?
• You would need to meet all the criteria set by the Football Association. Copy of
This can be obtained from your Referees Development officer. Other factors including administration and availability are also taken into account.

Is there a cost for this service?
• All promotion applicants will be charged a fee – this is depending of which level you are going for.

What if I want to continue on the promotion pathway the following season?
•You would need to go through the process again with higher expectations the higher you go up the levels.

Want to know more or have any questions?

Please contact Referees Development Officer Craig Grundy at  with any queries relating to refereeing. Alternatively you can telephone the office on 0114 261 5500.