Affiliation Fees for next season


For the 2017 – 2018 season Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA has chosen to “freeze” affiliation fees – meaning that in five out of the last six seasons there has not been any sort of increase AT ALL to affiliation fees for clubs and leagues.

In addition, it is worth pointing out that fees remain amongst the lowest in the country, with the Board of Directors/Trustees steadfastly committed to ensuring that clubs and leagues understand that the County FA aims to keep costs as low as possible for all member clubs and leagues – especially if you can complete your affiliation by the 30th June.

The “early bird discount” scheme – which is available to Clubs to up to midnight on the 30th June this year – sees an impressive saving for all clubs – so it is worth ensuring that you affiliate during the next five weeks rather than pay any additional costs.

This is the third year that clubs have affiliated using the Whole Game System, and the process has become quicker year on year. However, the County FA can still offer support if you need any assistance in completing your Club’s affiliation.

Full details are as follows:

Affiliation Fees 2017/2018 


Level/Type of Competition/Organisation

Before 1st July

After 1st July

Premier League and Football League Clubs

(fee includes Public Liability cost of £20)

Steps S1 and S2 League Clubs



Adult Clubs (National League System – Steps   1-7)

Steps W1 – W4 League Clubs



Adult Clubs (below National League System)

Step W5 League Clubs and others



Youth Clubs




Benevolent Fund (not mandatory)


£5 (voluntary cost)

£5 (voluntary cost)

Additional Teams (above 20 teams free of charge)




Public Liability (now £20)

 * Now included  in overall fee

District FA








Charity Comps




Cup Fees 2017/2018


Qualifying Teams

Cup Fee/Entry Deadline

Last Date for Entry

Saturday Senior Cup

Teams in Steps S1 to Step 7


1st August 2017*

Saturday Association Cup

Invited Premier/First Division Saturday Teams.


1st August 2017*

Saturday Junior Cup

Teams outside National League System, optional for Veteran teams.


1st August 2017*

Sunday Senior Cup

Sunday teams in Premier/ First Division. (May include Second division teams in leagues with four divisions or more).


1st July 2017*

Sunday Junior Cup

All other men’s open-age Sunday teams.


1st July 2017*

Womens Cup

All open-age Womens teams


1st August 2017*

Under 16’s Cup

All U16’s teams


1st August 2017*

Under 13’s Cup

All 13’s teams


1st August 2017*

*It must be pointed out that if you DO NOT affiliate your club/team by the closing date of any cup competition you will NOT be entered into the competition but will have to pay a fee equivalent to the entry fee. Cup draws will be made ASAP after the respective closing date.

Login/Access & Help

The general login screen for Whole Game can be accessed on the link in red directly below:

For general help in logging into the Whole Game System please click on the link below:

For a walk through video which shows how to affiliate, as well as frequently asked questions and a guidance manual click on the following link:

If you wish to add officials to your club, they will need a FAN number, please forward them the link below so that they can put in their details and create one.


With effect from the 2017/18 season, The FA has introduced a minimum mandatory requirement for personal accident insurance for all age groups and formats of youth football. This requirement will be covered by Rule 22 in the Youth Standard Code of Rules. The National Game Board gave their approval for the FA to set the minimum levels of benefit cover which are mandatory and to highlight the levels of cover that are highly recommended. The mandatory levels of cover must form part of the personal accident cover purchased by clubs as part of the affiliation process

Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA is again able to provide access to Personal Accident cover for all our Clubs. Like the Public Liability cover, (included within your affiliation application), the Personal Accident cover is available via Bluefin Sport and details of the cover can be found in the links below.

Bluefin Website

Personal Accident Brochure & Application Form

Brian Jones, Chairman of the Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA said: “As soon as the Board of Directors/Trustees received confirmation that the Annual Accounts for year ended 31st December 2016 saw the posting of a small surplus for the year, they were insistent that firstly, affiliation fees should remain the same as they have done for virtually all of the past five or six years and secondly, that there should be no costs whatsoever in relation to player registrations (via the FA’s Whole Game System) for the new season (2017/18) in order to illustrate the strong commitment of the County FA towards keeping costs for playing football as low as possible in South Yorkshire. 

“Whilst the issue of player registration fees is one that will be reviewed in twelve months’ time, prior to the start of the 2018/19 season, it is clear that the County FA is keen to respond to issues highlighted in this years “Grassroots Survey” which shows that increasing costs – for example for pitch hire – are a continuing concern for many clubs and players.

“This reaffirms our commitment to making playing affiliated football as low as possible.”

The very best of luck to you all for the forthcoming season.

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