The FA Level 2 in Coaching Futsal Course places available


There is a Futsal Coaching course taking place at Netherwood ALC, Wombwell, Barnsley in April.

Check the details below if you are interested in booking on the course.

Course duration:       36 hours (30 assisted learning hours and 6 unassisted hours)

Dates:                 Block 1 - 29th - 30th April 2017

                            Block 2 - 24th - 25th June 2017

                           * you must be able to attend all days

The Fee includes Tuition and Resources

Payment deadline:  17th March 2017

Venue: Netherwood ALC, S73 8FE

Course tutor: Sally Needham

For further details please contact: Kimberley Jardine at 

Course Fees:

FA Licensed Coaches Club Member - £220

Non FA Licensed Coaches Club Member - £240

Course Overview:

The FA Level 2 in Coaching Futsal has been designed for coaches that are looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of Futsal beyond FA Level 1 Futsal. The course uses a variety of full court games and practices to develop players in possession, out of possession and in transition. 

Course pre-requisites:

The FA Coaching Futsal: A Beginners Guide OR The FA Level 1 in Coaching Futsal


The FA Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Football             

This course is for individuals wishing to understand more about the three core strands of Futsal: defending, attacking and counter-attacking/ transitional play.

Course content:

Develop an appreciation and understanding of the application of the basic techniques of Futsal within game play

Demonstrate an understanding of the underlying core strands of Futsal: defending, attacking and counterattacking / transitional play through a game based approach

Demonstrate an understanding of the Futsal Laws of the Game

Develop a better understanding of Futsal as a stand-alone game in its own right and the significant variances from conventional 5-a-sid3

Show an awareness of the part Futsal can play in the development of young players.

Reinforce the different coaching interactions possible  when coaching players

Course Assessment:

Following days one and two of the course, there is a six week period where the candidate can deliver, log (in their candidate pack) and review sessions in the three areas (attacking, defending and counter attacking). When returning on days three and four, and the assessment for the course, one of these sessions is chosen by the tutor for the coach to deliver and be assessed.

Dress code:

Standard dress code on the course is casual. For practically based courses, please bring sufficient outdoor kit/clothing for the duration of the course. The venue ask that candidates refrain from wearing muddy footwear inside the building. Should the course require any alternative dress, this will be detailed in the course joining instructions. 

Medical information/physical requirements:

If you have any medical conditions which limit/hinder your involvement or participation in coaching activities, you are obliged to declare any relevant, current or previous injuries/illnesses. If you are diagnosed as an asthmatic, diabetic or epileptic, or have any allergies that the course staff needs to be aware of, you must advise us accordingly. Please note, a declaration of injury or illness does not automatically preclude you from any course.

You should further be aware that if you are on a regular course of medication for any condition, you must have sufficient medication to cover you throughout the course. Although first aid cover is provided (where applicable) during courses, no doctor is available to replenish regular medication, nor is there any facility to deliver medical treatment for chronic (longstanding) medical conditions.

Please provide any relevant information regarding the above Medical Information during the application process.

If your application to enrol is successful candidates will be required to complete a Medical Form prior to commencing the course. 

Practical Information: Please note that if a student has a disability that may prevent them participating actively in the practical sessions, then this should be made known to the course organiser at the point of registration. The course organiser will then take any necessary steps to cater for the students requirements which may include bringing in footballers to ensure there are sufficient numbers of players.

Enrolment: Please register your application below by entering your FA Number (FAN) and password below. Your application will then be vetted by the Course Director and a payment link will sent to you via email if you are successful in your application. Your place on the course will not be guaranteed until payment has been made.

Equality: FA Education will ensure that it treats people fairly and with respect and that it will provide access and opportunities for all members of the community to take part in, and enjoy, its activities in an atmosphere free from harassment, bullying, discrimination or abuse. FA Education will seek to provide a service which is appropriate to the needs of an individual and to make reasonable adjustments or provide support, where appropriate, to cater for those needs.

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