SHCFA Coach Education Review

A year on from the launch of the new FA coaching pathway and Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA review the progress and developments that been achieved since August 2016.

The FA restructured the Coach Education programme in 2016. The changes to the courses saw delivery become more learner led and curriculum more specific to grassroots coaches. The FA Level 2 in Coaching Football course is now broken down into 3 separate blocks that coaches can complete in their own time and at their own pace. The inclusion of support visits from tutors also allows learners to practice coaching in their own environments with their own teams making learning more specific. Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA has been providing these courses since August 2016 and a year on and the benefits of these changes are clear to see.

SHCFA have qualified over 450 new Level 1 and Level 2 coaches across South Yorkshire

Tahir Akram (SHCFA Coach Education Administrator) explained: “We have seen a significant rise in course bookings and the need for additional courses at both FA Level 1 and FA Level 2. In comparison to the 2015/16 season, the 2016/17 season saw a rise in courses being completed and the number of coaches we have qualified. This is also scheduled to grow again across the 2017/18 season.”

From August 2016 to August 2017, SHCFA have qualified over 450 new Level 1 and Level 2 coaches across South Yorkshire who all now deliver coaching back into the grassroots game.

Calum Oakenfold (FA Affiliate Tutor) detailed: “The methods that are now used to deliver coach education are more suited to Level 1 and Level 2 learners. The flexibility and adaptability the courses now have really allow tutors to tailor content around the needs and requirements of the individual and group. The change to formative assessments means there is no end assessment or pass/fail mentality which really takes pressure away from leaners and allows them to be more creative and expressive in their delivery. The addition of support visits also allows us to observe and feedback to learners in their own environments making development more specific and realistic. It is an exciting time for coach education and the feedback we are getting has been very positive.”

I have seen an improvement already in my own methods and the kids I coach see this too. I'm grateful for the experience and knowledge he gave. (Level 1 Coach)

Over the last year, SHCFA has also seen the addition of SGP Graves and SGP Thorncliffe HUB sites to the county that have offered excellent facilities to host coach education courses. The sites boast state of the art classroom facilities with access to new 3G pitches. In September SGP Westfield, the third and largest of the HUB sites will be opened which will further develop the delivery of courses and will host the first UEFA B/FA Level 3 qualification to be run at county level.

The way the course was run and assessed (no formal pass/fail tests) I feel worked incredibly well. Everything was as laid back as possible meaning I felt very much at ease and comfortable which is important in an environment where pressure could become a problem. (Level 1 Coach)

In October 2017, SHCFA will be starting the first FA Level 3/UEFA B Licence course to be run at county level for a number of years. After the completion of this preliminary course, more courses will be scheduled on a regular basis.

Julie Callaghan (County Coach Developer) stated: It is an exciting time to have UEFA B Licence’s being delivered back at the County FA. The course looks very well organised and should present the next level of knowledge and understanding for grassroots coaches looking to develop. It will be good to continue to have even more qualified coaches across the county with a range of levels.

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