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Recently Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA has reminded all our clubs about their responsibility regarding ensuring that results for Under 7 – Under 11s matches MUST NOT be published in any form

The Football Association have this week released the following comments regarding the very same issue. Underlining and endorsing the fact that football is to be played and enjoyed by children and individuals who manage, support and watch junior football.

Children – and parents/adults -need to understand how to win modestly and lose graciously.

FA Head of Participation, Pete Ackerley said: “This guidance from the Football Association is not new.

“As a result of significant consultation and research undertaken across the game with children (players),  parents, coaches, clubs and league volunteers, The FA decided in 2012 to extend its implementation from Under-7s through to Under-11s.

“The feedback we got was simple – children are competitive by nature, they want to win and don’t need a league table or results section on a website to confirm this.

“Our ambition is simple in that we want football to be progressive and child-friendly and away from the win-at-all-costs mentality that has been recognised to stifle development and enjoyment in sport.

“By the very nature of football winning has its place in every game and in fact, The FA’s strategy for mini-soccer has seen the number of teams have risen by 17.5% - which fully endorses our philosophy.

“During seasons teams are allowed to play festivals where there are, of course winners and losers. Teams can play for trophies in a true competitive style. What differs is that at this age, competition takes place in small tournaments rather than across a season-long period.”

Please help by reminding everyone of their responsibility regarding the publishing of results.

FA Regulations can be found by clicking here.

If you do see results published you must report this to

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