Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA’s Governance team deals with all discipline-related issues.

The role of the team is to ensure that the Rules and Regulations of The FA and County FA are upheld and to enforce good discipline and fair-play in the grassroots game.

The Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA Handbook includes a detailed section on the discipline process, and The FA have also produced their own Discipline Handbook.

These documents are designed to help clubs understand the process, how to complete the forms and the timescales involved.

All forms must be completed correctly and returned, along with the correct monies, or further charges may be incurred.

Playing Suspended Players

Sheffield & Hallamshire County FA are linked to a national database, which provides us with information about players and clubs, including all suspensions.

As a club you are fully responsible for ensuring that your players are not suspended before you play them.

If you play a suspended player you could face a fine and potentially have points deducted by your league. The player will also face a fine and could have his or he suspension increased.

If the player is suspended for monies owed or outstanding debts, the debt must be paid to the County FA only before he/she can play and he/she must have received either a receipt for payment or a clearance notice before playing. Players are still under suspension until this paperwork has been received.

Please see related documents for suspension lists detailing monies owed, on-field offences and/or assaults.

For further clarification on your individual personal case please contact the Governance Team on 0114 261 5500 during office hours or email info@sheffieldfa.com


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